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   All right then! Hilarious. That is the only word to describe the movie Ace Ventura Pet Detective. From start to finish, Jim Carrey, who plays Ace, makes the audience laugh out loud hysterically. Ace, a pet detective, goes on a search for a crazed lunatic, who stole the mascot of the Miami Dolphins. This film appeals to the audience because of its twisting plot, unbelievably funny acting, and conspicuous settings.

The acting presents another major part of the movie. Jim Carrey is so funny you might need an oxygen tank to bring with you. Throughout, Jim uses hysterically funny body movements and multiple voices to arouse the audience. For example, when Ace tries to squeeze some information out of a police detective, he uses his butt as a puppet-type figure to talk to the person. Sean Young plays Ms. Inhorn, a police captain, who hates Ace Ventura. Also Tone Loc, a rapper in real life, plays an undercover cop whom Ace often goes to for advise. And finally, a well-known professional football player named Dan Marino also gets into the act by playing a helpless kidnapped person, who, every once in awhile, makes a wisecrack about Ace Ventura. All these show that not only does Jim Carrey get involved in great acting, but many other talented, funny people contribute to this work.

Finally, the conspicuous settings appeal to the audience in many ways. The most astonishing setting shows scenes from Joe Robby Stadium, the home of the Miami Dolphins. Also, Jim Carrey's apartment presents another major setting when Ace calls all his animals into his arms, and in a matter of seconds hundreds of different species cover his body.

Ace Ventura Pet Detective is a movie full of comedy, action, and even a bit of love. Rent Ace Ventura Pet Detective as soon as possible because this movie is great for your family and friends, and I give it two thumbs up! .

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