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   Steel Magnolias is based on a semi-autobiographical play. It is a warm and witty celebration of Southern-style friendship and is full of life and brimming with laughter. This film is filled with award-winning actors and actresses including Tom Skerritt, Sally Field, Julia Roberts and Daryl Hannah.

The movie begins in a small town in Louisiana in the late 1980s. Shelby is getting ready for her wedding, while her father is trying to scare the birds away for the reception with a hand gun. The women spend a great deal of their time at Truvy's Beauty Salon gossiping about the people in their town. Throughout this movie, these six strong-willed and supportive women grow closer.

Julia Roberts portrays a vibrant, young diabetic whose decision to have a baby may endanger her life. Sally Field is her mother, torn between love and anger. Their four loyal friends include Shirley MacLaine who provides the comic relief, Olympia Dukakis, the wife of the former mayor, Daryl Hannah, a born-again Christian and Dolly Parton, owner of gossip-central.

Steel Magnolias is a heart-warming movie you will love the first time you see it and you'll want to see it over and over. Rent this movie with your closest friend(s) and your friendship will last a lifetime. It is the best hour and 58 minutes you'll spend in your life. .

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