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By Anonymous

   Recently I went to see the movie, "That Thing You Do," which turned out to be a disappointing failure. Because of all the excellent reviews the movie received [including one in the November issue of The 21st Century], I was expecting to be entertained that evening. That was not the case at all. After the first fifteen minutes my friends and I were anxious to leave. However, we forced ourselves to remain for the entire film remembering we had paid a ridiculous $7.25 to see it.

The movie is set in the 1960s and it describes how a small, unknown rock band becomes famous almost instantaneously with one song that is played a few hundred times throughout the film.

Tom Hanks stars as the manager of the four-man group and actress Liv Tyler plays one of the band member's girlfriends who simply tags along and serves no real purpose. The other actors (who comprise the band) are devoid of character and somewhat annoying.

This movie lacks content and excitement. If you are having a strange desire to go to the movies to take a nice nap for a lengthy two hours in an atmosphere of pungent-smelling buttered popcorn, then this is a good choice for you. Otherwise you would be better off to select another movie

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