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Slums Of Beverly Hills MAG

By Anonymous

   On aparticularly boring night last week, I grabbed the film "Slumsof Beverly Hills," remembering that a friend had once told meit was a great film.

I didn't expect much from itthough. How can you when you are renting a video about a girlwho is in a messed up family and is dealing with her bodilydevelopment, to put it mildly. Well, I was pleasantlysurprised when I discovered that this is a very funny filmthat actually has a good storyline. I usually don't agree withcritics who say they enjoy these small, independent, unknownfilms, but on this one they were totally right to give itgreat reviews.

"Slums of Beverly Hills" is certainlynot a movie everyone will enjoy. Some may find parts of itdistasteful and some may not like the humor. I, however, foundthis film very enjoyable and think many people would like it.

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i love this so much!