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   Whether it is the witty humor of the characters, theaction-packed plot filled with fearless stunts or the three beautiful women thatmake you go see "Charlie's Angels," satisfaction is guaranteed to malesand females, young and old alike.

"Charlie's Angels" is directedby Joseph "McG" McGinty Mitchell, a relatively inexperienced directorwho has done music videos including the Offspring's "Pretty Fly (For a WhiteGuy)" and Sugar Ray's "Every Morning."

One of the mostdifficult aspects of this movie was deciding who to cast as the Angels. Amongthose rumored to have sought the roles were Jenny McCarthy, Jennifer Lopez,Gwyneth Paltrow, Liv Tyler, Lauryn Hill, Jada Pinkett Smith and Ashley Judd. Inthe end, Drew Barrymore plays Dylan, Cameron Diaz plays Natalie and Lucy Liuplays Alex.

Charlie's Angels are hired to track down recently kidnappedEric Knox (Sam Rockwell), head of Knox Technologies. They then must recoverstolen plans that would allow global-positioning systems to locate anyone who isusing a wireless device, such as a cell phone. With the help of boss Bosley (BillMurray), the Angels break into the company believed to have stolen theinformation, discover more than they expect and find themselves in a number ofsticky situations.

"Charlie's Angels" is sure to keep you on theedge of your seat with airplane jumps, exploding buildings and fight scenes.Remarkably, the majority of the stunts were actually performed by Barrymore, Diazand Liu. Another interesting twist is that the movie does not include any guns.The idea was proposed by Barrymore, who felt the movie should set a good examplefor kids and that to promote guns was foolish when the three women are able tocreate thrilling fight scenes using only muscle and wit.

As if it is notglamorous enough already, several other stars appear in the film, including TomGreen, Matt LeBlanc and LL Cool J.

What else could there possibly be to amovie? A soundtrack, of course! It includes Destiny's Child's smash hit"Independent Woman" as well as "Got To Give it Up" by MarvinGaye, "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-A-Lot, "Ya Mama" by FatboySlim and "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" by Leo Sayer.

As longas you are able to let your common sense fly out the window, you are sure toenjoy all the comedy, suspense and fun that "Charlie's Angels" has tooffer.

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