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By Anonymous

   "The Sixth Sense" director M. Night Shyamalanperforms his haunting magic once more, this time with a different trick up hissleeve. "Unbreakable" is about David Dunn, a security guard with amarriage going bad. Once again, the hero is played by Bruce Willis, whose actinghas improved dramatically through his roles in Shyamalan's movies.

It ishard to call this movie scary or suspenseful, but the eeriness begins when Dunnis the sole survivor of a train wreck (we've all seen the trailer), without asingle injury. He meets Elijah (Samuel L. Jackson), who has a disease that makeshim "super-breakable." Elijah presents the idea of Dunn being acomic-book superhero, which obviously has Dunn both confused andpetrified.

Whoa! Superhero? That certainly came out of nowhere, but I haveto say this is one of the most original and unique plots I have ever seen in amovie.

Shyamalan uses many similar camera angles and techniques ofconveying the story as he did in "The Sixth Sense." There is also ahearty surprise at the end, and a great little sub-plot once Dunn discovers hisabilities. Even though fans of "The Sixth Sense" may find"Unbreakable" somewhat of a letdown or even slow-moving (gasp!), it'sstill one of the year's better movies. It does, however, depict a few things thatmight be inappropriate for younger viewers and the PG-13 rating is deserved.

If you want to see a mysterious, haunting, well-plotted and excellentlydirected film, "Unbreakable" is for you. Just don't buy any glasscontainers at the concession stand.

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