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By Anonymous

   Are you looking for an interesting and creative comedy tolaugh your pants off to? Then avoid "Joe Dirt" at all cost! It is themost uninspiring and dreadful movie in recent memory.

After seeing thepreviews months ago, I eagerly awaited the arrival of "Joe Dirt" at mylocal cineplex. I hurried to the theatre and plopped down my fewdollars.

That's where the fun stopped. You know a movie is horrible whenthe fun parts are entering and leaving the theatre.

The hilariousone-liners in the previews are not funny when wound into the story. The quoteslinger in the dead air of the theatre where everyone who hasn't fallen asleep ispraying for the theatre to catch fire and destroy the film in which this moviehaunts.

You will quickly tire of Joe's bad luck. Everything in this movieis predictable and clichéd. Putting it bluntly, you know the end of themovie in the first five minutes.

"Joe Dirt" is a horrible moviefrom a great cast, and I hope they have the foresight to leave this cinematicdisaster off their resumés.

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i love this so much!