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By Anonymous

   If you're looking for an outrageous movie that will leaveyou baffled, this is it. David Spade plays Joe Dirt, a radio station janitor withan outdated hairdo and a dream of finding his parents. Despite the hardships heencounters, he sticks with his philosophy: "Life is a garden, dig it."His parent-searching saga unwinds when he finds himself being interviewed on aradio show.

Joe's story begins at age eight, when his family takes a tripto the Grand Canyon. A friendly game of hide-and-seek leaves Joe parentless andabandoned. Now, the logical thing for Joe to do would be tell the police so theycould find his parents, right? Alas, Joe is forced into foster homes and, whenold enough, sets out to track down his parents.

After Joe tells his storyon the radio, people everywhere are intrigued. He is struck by sudden fame, andJoe Dirt becomes a household name. With his newfound popularity you would thinkhe would be happy, but he still feels something is missing...

"Bizarre" is an understatement for this movie. Many of thecomic attempts were pathetic, though I will credit the movie with excellentacting. David Spade's portrayal of Joe Dirt really made me pity him. Overall, themovie was unfavorable, but the all-star cast, including Dennis Miller,Christopher Walken, Kid Rock and, of course, David Spade, pulled it through inthe end.

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