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October 7, 2008
By Matt Madamba, Aurora, IL

Radio is an excellent movie about a mentally-challenged African-American man who is taken in by a high school football coach. The coach, Harold Jones, notices the young man, Radio, after he is beaten up by football players. Coach Jones has Radio act as the football team’s mascot. One of the football player’s parents does not like the fact that Radio is on the football team’s sideline. That parent tries to convince everybody that Radio is a bad example for the school. Radio shows many messages within itself.

I think Radio is an amazing movie. It is based on a true story. Cuba Gooding Jr. and Ed Harris both do excellent jobs as Radio and Harold Jones. The other acting in the movie is superior as well. Cuba Gooding Jr.’s role as Radio really makes you believe that he is the actual person. The movie is really emotional and funny at times. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie.

Radio has many good messages. One of these messages is that everyone should be treated with the same respect. This is shown in the movie when Coach Jones takes care of Radio. Another message in Radio is to do what you think is right. This is apparent when one of the boys who originally picked on Radio gives him a jacket. A final message in this movie is that happiness is an important part of life. Radio makes everyone at the high school happy. This happiness spreads throughout the school.

Overall, I think that Radio is one of the best and most emotional movies that I have ever seen. I think everyone should see this movie because it reaches out to the entire audience. If you have not yet seen Radio, I would highly recommend it because of its messages and acting. Radio is one of the most excellent movies I have ever set eyes on.

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