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By Anonymous

     "A Christmas Story" is a comical holiday classic. This is the tale of a young boy named Ralph Parker, and all he wants for Christmas is a BB gun. The movie depicts Ralph's attempts to get the Christmas present he so desires. It's a compelling plot with great humor for all ages.

"A Christmas Story" does not lose its charm after one or two viewings. Since the movie captures the magic of Christmas and the essence of childhood, viewers will find themselves watching it repeatedly.

One of the high points is the humor that makes the plot move along so smoothly. Whether the viewer is an adult or child, there is humor for everyone. One very funny part shows Ralph's mother letting his rebellious brother eat like a pig.

Everyone can remember wanting that one special Christmas gift, and that very realistic depiction of childhood makes the movie easy to relate to.

As long as there is Christmas, "A Christmas Story" will be an outstanding movie for the holiday season.

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