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By Anonymous

     Bob Parr was Mr. Incredible, one of the world’s greatest superheroes. But he and many other legendary crime fighters were forced to retire after a string of mishaps and frivolous lawsuits. Anxious to get back into action, Bob takes a chance when he discovers that an evil genius bent on diabolical revenge is behind the mystery. His family flies to the rescue for an extraordinary battle of wits, but will they save the day? Or will they be killed like so many before them?

I’ve got to say that “The Incredibles” is the best of all the Pixar films. It’s funny, exciting, adventurous and nerve-wracking. It’s everything you want in a movie and it’s a cartoon!

Is it great to have fans admire you? Well, not always because they can become stalkers or, even worse, evil geniuses. I don’t want to give anything away but that’s a hint about the plot.

Not only is this movie exciting, it’s funny, too. My favorite character is Edna, the designer of the superheroes’ suits, the voice of none other than writer/director Brad Bird. She describes their new suits as, “Extra stretchy, virtually indestructible and machine-washable. That’s a new feature.” She is hilarious and, although only a minor character, without her the movie would not be as good. Keep an eye out for her.

This movie gets an “A” in my book. Adults and teens will like this movie. It has something for everyone.

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i love this so much!