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Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

September 25, 2013
By Seth.B.Chillin GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
Seth.B.Chillin GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
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"...Scott Pilgrim was dating a highschooler." That line still echoes through my head after seeing this life altering film three years ago, in 2010. Opening in Toronto Canada, Scott Pilgrim finds himself in his kitchen being hassled about his high school relationship, at the "old" age of twenty-two. He is in a band with two of his friends, Stephen Stills, and Kim Pine. It feels necessary to say that this is my favorite movie, and if you love music, video games, and the power of love, you need to watch it.

Scott is in a relationship with the high schooler, Knives Chau. She's Chinese, and she is totally in love with his band, "Sex-Bob-omb". To tell you the truth, they actually do sound good, but in reality, the music is mainly done by the band "Beck". The music is an essential part of the movie, and can be taken as also being necessary in life. People who love music can affirm this statement, and also appreciate the Indi-Punk feel from this cool band making sound, a physical strength.

The character that gets the ball rolling in this movie is none other than Ramona Flowers. After Scott see's her in a dream, and then in real life, he is intrigued and also persistent. He finds her at a party, and orders a package so she can deliver it to him. Scott is in love, but is in denial about telling Knives the truth. This movie really goes into depth about if you want something, go for it.

While with his gay roommate Wallace, Scott receives an email he ignores, informing him that he must fight all of Ramona's ex boyfriends before being with her. He is fully informed of this when he plays a show, and is attacked by Matthew Patel, her first ex-boyfriend. This movie has a lot of fighting, with comic like sound bubbles, and also a lot of weapons. You feel a bit rebellious watching Scott take on each evil ex-boyfriend to get his lady.

The casting for this movie was perfect, as the soft spoken Michael Cera plays the main character, Scott Pilgrim. Michael Cera has been in movies with a role like this such as "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist". He is very used to being against the norm of society in his acting, and is also used to being slightly awkward. His awkwardness mixed with the angst of Scott perfects the role, making him a very connectable character.

To give one negative note, the movie has tons of nerdy jokes that only a certain group of people will understand, so be wary of moments of complete confusion. This movie can change you based on how you watch it. It changed me in the way of being more open, and fighting for what I love, and to the fight for my dreams, based on the actions of Scott fighting for Ramona. It sounds cheesy, but it can change you. Don't believe me? Watch it for yourself.

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