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     There is much to do and worry about when it comes to prom time. People worry about what they will wear, who their date will be, and even who will be crowned the prom king and queen. Nowhere on anyone’s to-do list is get burnt to a crisp by an angry telekinetic girl.

“Carrie,” based on the book by Stephen King and directed by Brian De Palma, gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “troubled youth.” With a talented cast and a giant “R” rating, this is not a movie for the faint-of-heart, young, or those attending a prom any time soon.

“Carrie” really packs a punch. Sissy Spacek takes the lead as the traumatized Carrie White. A talented actress, Spacek is able to bring Carrie to life, emotions, telekinesis and all. Piper Laurie does an exquisite job playing Carrie’s incredibly creepy mother, a religious fanatic who spends her life imagining sins.

“Carrie” tells the story of a shy, abused teen who is desperately trying to connect to reality. She is constantly tormented by everyone at school because she’s strange and withdrawn. At home, she has to deal with her insanely religious mother, who throws her in a closet to pray.

Things spin out of control when Carrie discovers her telekinetic powers after an embarrassing incident in the gym shower. In a series of topsy-turvy events, Carrie finds an ally in the gym teacher, gets a whole bunch of girls in trouble, gains the sympathy of a rather dashing classmate and his girlfriend, and ends up going to the school prom. And oh, did I mention that Carrie sends an apocalyptic, fiery rage onto all of her classmates?

Despite the cheesy 1970s special effects, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The cast is outstanding and Stephen King proves he’s a genius. I definitely recommend this movie to those who like a little thrill. Not only does it make you scream, but it also gets you thinking. Like all King tales, there are some loose ends to figure out.

Next time you find yourself wandering aimlessly around the movie rental store looking for some campy thrills, pick up “Carrie.” You won’t be disappointed. It will leave you with a nagging notion to never, ever mess with Carrie White.

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