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The Seeker

September 5, 2008
By Anonymous

Connecting to a story from a movie doesn’t always happen. You simply watch a movie because you liked the previews shown on TV or the actors starting in the movie. Watching movies might just be your hobby, or something you enjoy doing. Well, I do enjoy doing this. I don’t know how many movies I’ve seen in my life, probably too much for to keep track of, but I don’t remember having a connection with any the way I did with “The Seeker.” I like all kinds of movies, especially fiction, which is why I never thought that I would relate to them. This is because what happens in these types of movies are things out of this world. Not every movie has the ability to pull me into the story the moment I start watching it, but “The Seeker” did.

The story is based on the never ending battle of good versus evil (referred to in the movie as light vs. darkness). Will Stanton (Alexander Ludwig) discovers his past life and his destiny. Guided by the Old Ones (six grown adults that have been apart of the battle for many generations), Will must defeat The Rider (Christopher Eccleston). The Rider is well known to the face of darkness. The last time light fought against darkness, the light ended victorious. This time The Rider is closer than ever in succeeding, so it is up to Will to seek for the six signs that his ancestor has hidden so that the darkness wouldn’t find them. The six signs are composed of: stone, bronze, iron, wood, water, and the essence of a human soul.

Will discovers that he’s a special Seeker. He is the seventh son of the seventh son. After knowing this, he knows the Old Ones are mistaking them for someone else, since he seems to only have five older brothers. It is where he learns that he has a twin brother, one that was separated form his family two weeks after being born. Will’s twin brother had been the first to be born, this makes Will the youngest brother, the seventh son.

After Will’s fourteenth birthday, he has the ability to sense the signs. Unfortunately The Rider can sense him. He has simply five days to find all six signs before the darkness can take complete control over the world. One by one Will is finding the signs. The five days pass and Will is not able to find the sixth sense, the hardest one to find (human essence). Darkness has control over everything, except the Great Hall. The Great Hall is ruled by light, it exists outside of time. It is where the Old Ones find protection.

Not being able to find all six sings puts everyone and everything in danger. Being face to face with The Rider, Will realizes that the sign is within him. He defeats the darkness and brings his lost brother back. During his journey, Will feels great pressure on him and feels lonelier that ever before (he is only fourteen years old and he needs to save the world). Although, once the fight ends he feels as if he had a purpose in life. He discovers his true self and with it brings light to the world for another thousand years.

From feeling lonely to discovering a purpose in life and knowing that you were kept something form your family, are some things I related to Will’s story. It was almost as if the author was telling my story, without magic. To me “The Seeker” is one of the best movies I’ve seen. Simply because it’s a PG (parental guidance) film doesn’t mean it’s for young kids. This is a movie that I recommend to everyone, especially those who enjoy watching fiction stories. You never know it might be the experience of a lifetime and end up being one of your favorite movies.

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