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Under the Same Moon

September 5, 2008
By Anonymous

Have you ever seen a movie that was so great that it made you cry? I was sitting on my couch trying to hide my tears, and thinking what had made me so emotional that at seeing then end of the movie, I couldn’t help but let the tears out? I believe that the great story and the connection that I found with it was so immense, that I thought I was actually living the story. The actors of “Under the Same Moon” had so much emotion that it just catches on to people.

The story started out with a young boy, Carlitos, living in Mexico. His mother, Rosario (Kat Del Castillo), was living in the United States trying to start a new life. She was hoping to earn enough money to send to her son. Every time she talked on the phone with Carlitos, he always begged for her to describe to him her surroundings. He wanted to be with his mother, but he knew it was not possible unless she came back.

Then one day, with all the money that he had earned from working with Doña Carmen (Carmen Salinas) he decided to travel to California by himself. He found two Americans that would cross him over to the U.S illegally. Once he was on the other side, he met a man that wanted to sell the little boy. A lady helped him out and she took him under her care. Soon, he started to work in a greenhouse, but immigration came and deported all of the illegal workers there. He managed to hide along with Enrique (Eugenio Dervez), a man that would later help him out.

He soon got to California from getting rides here and there. On his way there he also met his father, someone that he had never seen in his life, he only knew his name. Once he was in California he started to look around for description that his mother had given him. She was about to get married when she found out that her little boy had gone on a long search for her. She was only getting married because her husband would help her get her immigration paper straight.
This movie was about the American dream, the dream that most Mexicans want to accomplish. Enrique and Carlitos were sleeping in a park when they first got to California. Enrique, the man that was with him, got caught by the police and was sent back to Mexico. At the beginning of the movie, Enrique had told Carlitos that he wouldn’t risk his life for him. When he got caught, he let Carlitos escape and he gave up his opportunity to work in the United State so that Carlitos could find his mother.

Not many people would give up their opportunity to have a better life for someone else. This movie showed how with a little love and faith, anyone can change. The ending was very emotional, it was the kind of ending in which you want the movie not to end. “Under the Same Moon” is a movie that I recommend to all people of all ages. This movie makes people see how difficult life really is and change their perspective on life. I will always remember this movie for its great story and for its understanding of the life of a hard working immigrant.

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