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Ten Things I Hate About You

April 7, 2008
By Anonymous

Highschool romances never get old, spending ten hours in the morning getting ready for your crush to just give you that second look. Praying at every moment that maybe one day he will finally come up to you and ask you to be his girlfriend.
In the movie Ten Things I Hate About You, Kat Stratford and her younger sister Bianca Stratford, go to a very high class prep school where Bianca wins the heart of a junior, Cameron. Unfortunately, Bianca has fallen for the biggest flirt, Joey. While Bianca deals with keeping her reputation perfect, her older sister Kat does not care for the highschool cliques and drama. In order for Joey to date Bianca he has to somehow find a way for Kat to get out into the dating world. Patrick Verona, the mischievous bad boy is soon stirred up into Joey’s plan. Sadly, Kat does not know that Joey is paying Patrick to take her out on dates. When Patrick realizes that Kat is not the typical all American good girl, he soon falls harder for her then he expected.
Soon Cameron becomes Biancas’ French tutor in order for him to get closer to her. Shortly after Bianca finds out the truth about her older sister and what Joey had done to her, which causes Bianca to despise Joey. Luck favors Cameron when Bianca starts to fall for his witty charm and sense of humor.
Just when everything seems to be going perfect for the two newly discovered loves, Kat finds out that Joey had been paying Patrick to go out with her. She is devastated by this news, but recovers by writing a poem for him, “Ten Things I Hate About You.” When she reads her poem to him, Patrick realizes how much he had loss. In the end, both Bianca and Kat realize what true love really feels like.
This movie made me realize that you don’t have to be somebody else to get attention and love. You just have to be patient and not act desperate because eventually you will find someone that accepts and loves you for who you are.

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