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June 26, 2012
By alex77 GOLD, Sofia, Other
alex77 GOLD, Sofia, Other
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"I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve (or save) the world and a desire to enjoy (or savor) the world. This makes it hard to plan the day." - E. B. White

Hair! This is the best musical ever to be created! How can people nowadays rate “High School Musical” and the sort 5 stars when they’re simply another Disney Projection playing tribute to true love of first sight and friendship. I’ve got to admit that I have watched them all: American, Mexican, Spanish and the rest, and I was fond of the story. I even wasted a couple of days daydreaming this meet-at-a-party/fall-in-love/sing-on-stage scenario. It grew on me like fungi on a humid sponge. I get to be a slushy teenage girl from time to time, too, especially when my vivid dreams have had something to do with it!

When the movie began with the “Aquarius” song, I thought to myself wtf? Why am I watching this? At first it made no sense, like almost every musical. The singing and the horse riding and that guy who popped out of nowhere in downtown. It was uncanny and too much to take in a gulp. After all the songs about drugs and sex, which didn’t elevate my opinion on the movie at all, the plot cut into and began to tell us a story of a soldier in love and a couple of hippies who become true friends with him. The drug and the sex were a ploy to lure the dumber audience down to the root of the problem about mankind and its relationships. I think that everything was well-planned and forethought. The key songs had meaningful symbolic lyrics that were in truth keys to later parts of the movie. If I had to pick among my favourite songs which are now constantly on loop, I think I’d choose “Hair” because it comprises the movie title, and it points out what a huge sacrifice George Burger did when he feigned a general to get Clod out of the army for an afternoon by cutting his own hair. The long hair of all hippies, despite being a source of contagious diseases, stands for their freedom and disaffection. I’m keen on their mind-set. They don’t follow the unspoken rules of society:

“Go to work. Get married. Have some kids. Pay your taxes. Pay your bills. Watch your TV. Follow fashion. OBEY THE LAW. And repeat after me: “I AM FREE!”

They are free because they tramp on all the restrictions and norms society has built up during years of war with the unknown and the aftermath of the free minds. When there’s a Talien set up, choice and, consequently, responsibility are both dismissed out of hand. Even though we are not ready to accept the fact that we live in a world of four walls that are scribbled with minute don’ts and dos, there will come a time in the future when a philosophy teacher says that in the period from 2000 till 20xy people were more restricted in there right of choice and beliefs than ever before because of the huge risk that a minority could break the mould and start a revolution against whatever we have to fight against. I see the dark mine fields but I don’t see the tower of evil, not yet. I’d like to become a hippie. I really do! But that’s in controversy with the rest of my aims and ambitions! I’ve got to distinguish the tower between the dead dark and brooded trees first before I start reviewing this possible breakthrough.

Another sure-fire favourite is “I got life”. It figures on the top of the list simply because of Berger. At first I disliked him for he acted like a leader in a bunch of people who demand equal rights. It wasn’t fair, but as the credits rolled I figured that he was the person who joined the members of the group. If it wasn’t him they wouldn’t have met Cloud in the first place. What’s more he’s the only one who has got the nerve from all of them (as Sheila's mom said). “I got life” in my view pinpoints the fact that those bourgeoisie live on an agenda that forbears have came up with: when to throw a charity party, when to go horse-riding, how to look down on other people. It’s simple in comparison to what George and the rest are undergoing. They’re struggling with survival every day, knowing that they might not have the money or the food or the clothes tomorrow, but they’ll always have their body parts, their opinion, their choice and the nerves to trespass the territory of their status in life, and even throb on it by dancing on the dining table. I’m not minimizing the rest of the characters because all of them are interesting and different from what appears on everyday television in the present.

At first I liked the black guy a lot, and the song “Black boys” really appeals to me!!! The brief retrospect of his ditching his family was encapsulated in a song that his wife performed repelled me. I’d understand if his wife wasn’t OK with his choice to be free and his new lifestyle, but she’s striving to be a part of it, and to include their son into his world. He doesn’t give her a chance until Berger interferes and persuades him to let her in his meadow (cause the world of hippies has no walls and a lot of beautiful nature). That’s so far 3 for Berger and none for the rest of the bunch.

The hairy guy and the mother of his son are just also-ran for me even though may be one day when I watch the film again I’d find what their role is. Cloud, on the other hand, is the sort of people I hate most. People who think everyone is confronting them and who believe they’re good enough for this world and the reverence of others, but not enough to mix in with the upper class. He does what he’s told to do – the reason he blindly goes in the army. Even when Berger comes along he takes as a duck to water to the new orders he receives. He’s the perfect soldier when I come to think about it.

Sheila is the girl I’d like to be. She’s the one that abandons the posh and luxurious lifestyle in order to seek adventures and find the real her. I admire the fact that she didn’t give up on Cloud or Berger, though I’m disappointed she got into cahoots with Cloud. I can’t stand him because he’s the reason Berger dies! yep, spoiler alert! “Let the sunshine in” is the song that made me watch the movie and the song that made me cry. It’s got so much wisdom instructed in the simple lyrics that another 1231 words wouldn’t be enough to tell you what I’m talking about here.

I still haven’t given up the idea of having a dog when I have a place of my own. I’ll call him Berger. Probably a lot of people would think he’s named after the food Burgers like hamburger and cheeseburger and sthburger, so he’ll have 2 names. “George Berger come here!”- I’d yell when he’s driven me nuts; and “Berger, after the protagonist of the musical “Hair” – I’d say when asked what his name is.

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