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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

December 1, 2011
By Writomania PLATINUM, New Delhi, Other
Writomania PLATINUM, New Delhi, Other
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It’s the majestic feel and sanctity of the fairytale wedding between the pallid vampire Edward Cullen and an equally pallid Bella that sets a note at the start of the film.
The two, desperately in love, clinging on to each other for warmth and companionship in lonely fields and dense forests are now mature and equally in love, adults.
It’s the heart-thumping visuals of the movie that make the viewer swell with the splendid (read: nocturnal) feel of the little town hosting to a number of vampires, both good and evil as well as werewolves lunging at each other’s throats, fighting for a mere, fragile Human girl and at times, a very delicious evening dinner.

As for the movie, the wedding is attended by Bella and Edward’s family along with a grief stricken Jacob looking for lonely corners to vent his anger. Yet again, Bella’s fruitless efforts to make peace with Jacob are a hundred times more passionate than her prolonged tongue affairs with Edward.
The honeymoon is well depicted, what’s with two passionate beings, having held on to their sacred chastity till marriage, let loose in the wild. Everything is well and fine until strange marks begin to appear on Bella’s body, announcing the arrival of a monster on its way.
So far, so good. But the trouble is Jacob who howls his way in anger, loneliness and desolation.
Then comes the fear and unusual but not unexpected pangs of adulthood. Would the birth of their new trans-specie endanger the very life of our paragon of virtue, Bella? All of Edward’s concerns and Jacob’s ceaseless rantings and ravings fall to deaf ears and Bella is adamant to hold on to the flag of “My baby, not me”.
If Breaking Dawn Part 1 is viewed as the first half of another exciting adventure down the vampire-human-werewolf lane, it might be considered as a good film filled with mind boggling visuals and effects.
But if it is viewed as a film in its own self, I will have to say that it was rather slow paced and the extended length of the film can, far from boggling you, bog you down. Of course, the second half of the film provides sufficient drama what’s with Jacob’s misgivings, torn desperately between love and vengeance.
Even if the adrenaline rush stoops low in this one, it indeed stirs up the excitation for the next and the final installment of the saga.

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