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Gosford Park

July 13, 2011
By CupcakeSaffy PLATINUM, Cochrane, Other
CupcakeSaffy PLATINUM, Cochrane, Other
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IMDb: 7.3/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 86% positive, jumping to 97% in Top Critics
Metacritic: 90/100
Rating: 14A (Canada)
Release date: 2001
U.S. box office: $41.3M

Award-winning Gosford Park uses the timeless murder-mystery outline of Agatha Christie’s novels and embellishes it with all the colour of its radical take on the rigid upper-class/ servant-class division of 1930s England. It is said to be director Robert Altman’s best movie due to his unique filming and sound techniques that cause the viewer to feel a part of the story. It was written by successful actor, presenter, novelist, director and Oscar-winning screenwriter, Julian Fellowes. Gosford Park features an all-star cast including Maggie Smith, Helen Mirren, Clive Owen, Emily Watson and Ryan Phillippe, to name a few.

The story’s setting is a 1930s, English country manor house. William McCordle (Michael Gambon), the man of the house, has invited many friends for a weekend shooting party. Since he has gotten older, he’s saved up a fortune, which everyone seems to want a piece of. When he is murdered, suspicion is on all, upstairs and below, in the servant’s quarters. Secrets, lies and guilty pleasures are a plenty and, with incompetent Inspector Thompson (Stephen Fry) on the case, finding the truth is left to outsider, Mary (Kelly MacDonald), a ladies’ maid.

This sparkly, witty drama has exquisitely chosen music that keeps the movie flowing from subplot to subplot. Every line could be a notable, humourous quote, well pulled off by famous actors who get into their character with ease and grace. The scenery, props and costumes used are all relevant, important factors in creating a stunningly authentic atmosphere that keeps the viewer intrigued at all points. Gosford Park is truly a fabulous movie that many would enjoy. Here’s a taster:

Constable Dexter (Ron Webster), when searching for clues: Sir, someone's traipsed a load of mud in down here.
Inspector Thompson (Stephen Fry): Not now, Dexter, please.
Constable Dexter: Inspector, there's a broken coffee cup down here.
Inspector Thompson: Dexter, they have people to clear these things up. You get on with your own job.

The author's comments:
Not an in-depth review, but trust me the film is brilliant - very Julian Fellowes.

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