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Despicable Me

January 30, 2011
By Katie R PLATINUM, Fort Plain, New York
Katie R PLATINUM, Fort Plain, New York
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Gru is THE greatest super villain of all time, but when a new and better villain steps out on the super villain scene, Gru knows that he has to come up with the heist of the century in order to keep his top spot on the villain food chain. After spending some time thinking about what he could do to make himself THE greatest super villain of all time again, Gru finally comes up with the best heist EVER: stealing the moon. his plan is perfect, fool proof. It's just there's one problem: his plan involves a shrink ray which he doesn't have. The new, greatest super villain of all time does though. And in order to get it from his lair, Gru has to create some type of diversion in order to retrieve the shrink ray. He comes upon the perfect unsuspecting accomplices when he adopts three orphan girls who sell cookies and have just made an order with Gru's new foe, but as item goes on, the girls become more than just a part of Gru's plan for his redemption. Will Gru be able to steal the shrink ray and the moon? Will he become THE greatest super villain of all time for once and for all?

Steve Carell, Miranda Cosgrove, Julie Andrews, and Russell Brand are just four of the amazing actors that lend their voices to some of the cutest and funniest animated characters that have ever set foot on the big screen. With a wonderfully charming script, eye catching animation, cute little yellow minions, and an awesome Russian accent done by Steve Carell, "Despicable Me" is a movie that you can watch over and over again no matter what age you are. Enjoy!

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