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The Sum Of All Fears

June 4, 2010
By TJ7707 PLATINUM, Easley, South Carolina
TJ7707 PLATINUM, Easley, South Carolina
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In "The Sum of All Fears", a historian is called upon by the CIA to help them with the current events going on in Russia, since he is highly educated on the new Russian president. The movie also shows how a group of neo-Nazis come across a nuclear bomb, which they plan on using to start a war between Russia and the U.S, since with those two super powers out of the way; the Germans can regain control as a super power in the world. Later in the movie, you find out that three Russia nuclear engineers have gone missing, and that a general has gone rogue and ordered an attack on Chechnya, against the president’s orders. The President of the U.S. then attends a football game, and while there, the neo-Nazis load the nuke into the stadium in disguise as a cigarette machine. The president narrowly escapes the explosion, but many are murdered as many blocks of the city are leveled by the massive blast. Ryan, the historian, then figures out that it is the terrorist Nazi group setting up the blast to appear to be from the Russians, but cannot contact the president directly in the havoc that is going on. Relationships are already on edge between Russians and U.S. prior to this, and attacks begin to be launched from both fronts. Ryan finally contacts the Russians before they nuke America, and convinces them to agree to a seize fire, since nobody wins when nukes are launched. The technology and realism in this movie are both very realistic, and though it is a long shot, it is very possible for something like this to happen. Nuclear weapons are available to be launched on a moments notice, as long as two people are in favor of it happening. This movie shows a clear example of what can go wrong if weapons of mass destruction are available to those with ill intentions.

The Sum of All Fears has made people think. In this movie, it tells a thought that can be possible in today's life with terrorism. What would happen if a terrorist group does get their hands on a nuclear bomb? What would happen if it does go off in the United States? Tom Clancy had this idea that many people fear today. It today's society, we have to hide and fear from types of thoughts like this.
The story of The Sum Of All Fears is a story that can change how we feel living in each other so that all the strongest powers on Earth would be destroyed. Even though they have failed to make Russia and the United States destroy each other, the Neo-Fascist have successes on making the lives of all Americans fear and worry.
The President in the movie/novel has had many intense decisions to make. He finally decided to go to war against Russia, and I feel that was a terrible idea. Ryan tried to stop it, but The President didn't allow him to speak up his mind. President was just inches away from causes an insane disaster, but the Russian President listened to the thoughts that Ryan submitted onto the system.

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