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The Crucible

October 19, 2007
By Anonymous

“The Crucible”

The movie the Crucible is the worst ever. To name a few characters would be John Proctor, Jonathon Corwin and Tituba.

In the movie The Crucible, it revolves around a few girls that accuse several woman of witchcraft. Because they believe them then they go to trial. Then they end up hung the accused witches that were supposable “guilty”. Then after they were hung, they were later found innocent many years later.

I do not think the Crucible movie was realistic because I do not believe in witchcraft. I do not believe it is accurate and they were not performing witchcraft. My favorite part was during the trial.

After reading my opinions and things I said, I do not encourage you to witch this movie because it is not realistic and I do not like what happened to the people that were sent to death.

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