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By Anonymous

“The Eye” is an amazing movie that is well worth seeing. Jessica Alba is known for her pretty face and stunning character, but she shows a new side in “The Eye.” It is more of a mystery than a thriller. The storyline isn’t original and the script isn’t all that great either, but the acting and visuals are spectacular.

Sydney Wells (Alba), a concert violinist, is blind due to a childhood catastrophe. She regains her sight by undergoing a double corneal transplant. At first Sydney isn’t sure of what she sees right after the surgery or if her eyes are playing tricks on her. She is introduced to Dr. Paul Faulkner (Alessandro Nivola), whose job it is to help improve Sydney’s sight. She drags him into her journey to find her donor and solve this mystery.

Given how the director stretched out the movie, I think there should have been more backstory about Sydney. Although the ending leaves you with a thousand questions, you will still exit the theater satisfied.

All in all, “The Eye” is a worthwhile movie and is another successful remake of an Asian horror film.

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