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Barbie: The princess and the pop star

February 27, 2023
By alexchow BRONZE, Lethbridge, Alberta
alexchow BRONZE, Lethbridge, Alberta
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Barbie, the princess and the popstar. From the moment when the first five minutes of the movie started playing, I knew it was going to be a good one, in fact, not only was it a good one, but it also turned out to be my favourite Barbie movie of all time.  
This movie has the catchiest tunes about both princess and popstar life. It’s about a princess (Meribella) – that does love her life in the castle very much, but dreams about what it’s like to be a popstar since it has always been what she has wanted to do since she was little but must obey her royal duties. At the start of the movie, Meribella was in her room listening to her favourite popstars concert out her window until her aunt walked in, Meribella asked if she could go, but instead of her aunt saying yes, Meribella ended up getting locked in her room by her aunt to write a speech she had to give that wasn’t finished yet. Meribella disliked her aunt since she was always nagging on Meribella to work on being royal and to stop having fun.  
Over the course of the movie. Meribella eventually meets her favourite popstar (Keira). They were shy at first but after they started talking, they realized how much they had in common. Meribella told Keira about how she had always dreamed of being a pop star just like her, and that she was Kiera’s biggest fan, having posters of her all over Meribella’s room. Then Keira explained how she has always dreamed of being a royal princess. When they were both hanging out in Meribella’s room, Meribella changed her hairstyle with her magic wand, Keira saw and explained how she had a magic microphone that changed her outfits. Then suddenly they had a crazy idea to switch lives for a week. Kiera would be a royal princess in disguise for a week and Meribella would disguise herself into Keira to see what popstar life would be like for a week.  
Well into their week, they were having fun, experiencing their new temporary lives, and decided to stay in disguise for just one more week. Until the day came when they were supposed to meet up and switch back. Meribella’s aunt came in her room and told Meribella (who is Keira) she would not be leaving her room or attending Keira’s concert until Meribella (who is Keira) finished writing her speech. Meribella (Keira) then got locked into her room, freaking out not knowing what to do. In the meantime, before the concert Kiera (Meribella) was freaking out too, wondering what had happened and why Meribella (Kiera) had not been answering her phone or picking up. When they were both frustrated, a guy named Crider, who was jealous of Kiera and worked with her, decided to try and sneak into the royal kingdom and steal a magical plant that grew crystals since all the royals except Meribella - that he didn’t know would be there- would be at Kiera’s concert and not at the kingdom. 
Here is where I don’t ruin the ending and turning point, so personally, I would recommend watching this movie, to find out the end of course but to also to listen to the catchy tunes that will be stuck in your head for at least a week. To me no parts of the movie are uninteresting and let us be honest, everyone loves barbie. Growing up, I used to love singing and thought I would be a famous pop star one day (not anymore) but this would be my favourite movie to watch and think I could be like that someday. This movie inspires that you can experience whatever you want and has all different types of genres of music. It includes different characteristics of each the popstar Keira and the royal princess Meribthe popstar Keira and the royal princess Meribella. How they live their life and how its not always how fun people think it is, they face challenges when trying not to get caught disguising themselves as each other and an unexpected event when Crider tries to steal the royal kingdom's plant. I would hate to be the reader of this just to find out everything and be left at a cliff hanger not knowing what happens next. So, if I were you, I would go watch this movie right now instead of reading the rest of this boring review.  

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