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The Bee movie

November 7, 2022
By Anonymous

The Bee Movie  
November 2, 2007  
Simon j, Smith, Steve Hickner  
The Bee movie is the story of a bee named Barry (Jerry Seinfeld) trying to figure out what he wants to do after college for the rest of his life. This is very relatable to a young audience because many of us can relate to not knowing what to do after high school or college and being forced to follow in your parent's footsteps or other relatives.  
Barry decides to follow his own path and discover a new world. In this new world Barry meets Vanessa (Renee Zellweger) Barry realizes that she's not what his family made her out to be. Vanessa teaches a valuable lesson to everyone that watches The Bee Movie that all lives matter no matter the species.  
The Bee Movie also teaches the great lesson of sticking to what you believe and what is most important to you. This movie allows you to bond and relate to different characters not only does the movie show real life problems but also the realistic attributes our world has the different social classes our world is, and the way different people react and who truly is by your side. The Bee Movie allows you to stay true to what you believe or what is important to you, even if it comes from an animated movie.  

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