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500 days of love

June 8, 2022
By Anonymous

What is love? Thats like one of the most boring and st*pid questions we still actually cant solve. How can you love someone so much you'll waste your time loving them? Knowing that they wouldn't do the same, how could you do that? How can you love someone who leaves? How can you love someone that hurt you? These are the real questions we should be focused on, its focused on alot during this movie(500 days of summer)not the exact same questions but, love and how its many different ways of coming and going brings us a little more closer to figuring it out.

So like many love movies it starts off with a girl and boy who come from two different worlds. But the thing is it isnt a love movie necessarily you can say. Because it quite literally says in the beginning that it isnt haha. They meet working in a post card place where they slowly get to know each other. They are different and you can tell from the jump, she doesnt believe in love and he does. So already your kinda on a edge loving someone who doesnt love back, atleast not the same. 


This movie is a rollercoaster of emotions one day its hate the next is love, one day its happiness and the next thing shes gone…

He goes through the movie trying to get back with her but cant seem to put things together, as why she would just leave if they were happy? So he thought…

I dont wanna give away the ending even though its so damn good how the plot twist and all that love in first sight yatta yatta all that bullcrap it lines up perfectly with the ending, well her ending…

His is well its a new beginning you can say.


           Now the message in this movie is well love is confusing. Love tricks you into thinking just cuz you love someone doesnt mean their specifically the one or anything like that. Some people come like lessons just to show you that love is not what you think it is. And is isnt what you think it is or is it? Well some get lucky and some keep going.

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