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April 21, 2009
By pictolover SILVER, Brookfield, Missouri
pictolover SILVER, Brookfield, Missouri
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This movie was a good movie. If you have seen the movie and haven't read the books, don't read them. Twilight would be a good movie to just go out and watch. But according to the book, it wasn't very good. There was too much things that were changed. For instance, Kristen Stewart is a great actress but I don't think she is the right person for Bella. When Bella gets pregnant in the last book, I don't think they can realistically change Kristen Stewart into someone who is dying for her vampire baby. And although Edward is undeniably gorgeous, he isn't a realistic vampire. He is way too serious. I watched the movie and then read the books, then watched the movie again. It was a lot different the second time I watched it because I was looking for the certain parts in the book I enjoyed. So was it a great movie? Yes. Was it a great book? Yes. But when you combine them into one storyline, it's just another movie in Blockbuster. I really thought this one would go above and beyond all the others.

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This is my first piece, so critique me harshly, I don't mind. And this is just my opinion.

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on Oct. 16 2009 at 10:33 am
This it's a very good movie !