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Furious 7

April 29, 2019
By Anonymous

 Furious 7 is the seventh movie in the Fast and Furious franchise and proves to be one of the best to date. Dominic Toretto's group is now separated and has continued on with their normal lives after the defeat of Owen Shaw. However, Owen's older brother, Deckard Shaw, has come out of hiding, thirsty for revenge. After the attempted murder of several group members, including the successful assassination of one of the crew, everybody is united once more. Because they are all eager for vengeance, a powerful government agent soon offers them a complicated deal. He is in search of a tremendous tracking device that is capable of hacking into everything with a camera as a way to hunt down criminals. However, the only person capable of gaining access to it has been captured by a ruthless criminal, and her hacking skills could fall into the wrong hands. The government agent tells Dom and his crew that if they successfully retrieve the hacker, he will give them access to the tracker, which will allow them to ensure that Deckard Shaw doesn't escape from them. Albeit, even though Dom and his crew have faced so much danger already, they may not be able to defeat the criminals that seemingly have an unlimited access to weapons.

 Furious 7 proves to arguably be the best movie in the franchise, because it is able to accomplish everything so incredibly well. The plot, visuals, actors, concept, action, and adventure are all fantastic, and there really aren't any major flaws with the movie. The beginning of the movie transitions from the sixth movie into this one smoothly as it brilliantly reintroduces audiences to the characters that have developed so much through the entire franchise. The middle of the movie magnificently progresses things along while providing awesome action and creative conflicts to all of the main characters. The exhilarating ending manages to be one of the most enticing parts of not only the entire movie but the whole franchise, since it does its best to serve as a homage for Paul Walker, who unfortunately passed away during the middle of the movie's filming. The conclusion of the movie involves Brian O'Connor driving off into the sunset, physically, in such a moving fashion that makes it hard to not feel for one of the main faces of the movie as flashbacks from the earlier movies of Brian's interactions with Dom and their family is showcased on-screen that not only elevates Brian O'Connor's relationship with Dominic Toretto but also brings it back to reality, making it nearly impossible to not feel even more emotionally invested in the characters and franchise. 
 Furious 7 isn't afraid of umping up the amount of intensity and has some of the best moments in the entire franchise. There's one scene in particular that involves Dom and Brian driving a rare, red sports car from one building to two others, shattering glass during the process, and creating an unbelievable shot that involves a seemingly floating car in between two modern, glass buildings while the sun sets. There's another scene that involves Dom driving off a slight bump in order to get some air and to run into a helicopter, and it is just as amazing as it sounds. 
 Furious 7 also continues the growth of each and every character in the movie with a heavy emphasis on Brian O'Connor. Although Brian was already technically a father, this movie is the first one that actually depicts him trying to be a parental figure and having to adjust to a more domestic life. Because of this, Dom's concept of family, which consists of the whole crew and all of his closest friends, is showcased even more prominently and helps to demonstrate that this unlikely group of friends are so much closer together than just a typical group of racers. 
 Furious 7 also continues to boast a star-studded cast that shines. Vin Diesel continues to be the face of the franchise as the alpha Dominic Toretto and for good reason. Paul Walker is another important face of the franchise, and this movie is even more important for the actor due to his unfortunate death, which led to this movie attempting to serve as an honor to the beloved actor and succeeding with just that. Dwayne Johnson incredibly portrays Luke Hobbes, who has quickly become one of the most popular characters in the entire franchise. Michelle Rodriguez does a great job of playing Letty, and her relationship with Dom Toretto has quickly become one of the most intriguing aspects of the franchise. Jason Statham does a superb job of transforming into Deckard Shaw, and his character is almost certainly one of the best villains in the entire franchise, if not the greatest. 
 Not only is Furious 7 beloved by die-hard fans, but critics seemed to be equally satisfied. Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie an exceptional 81%, which truly is an impressive score and is even better than it seems. IMDb gave the movie an outstanding 7.2/10, which is actually a lot better than it sounds. Furthermore, a whopping 94% of Google users liked the movie, demonstrating the great amount of love that people have for the movie. 

 Furious 7 has all of the essentials and then some as it crafts a truly wonderful movie that is able to be so superior that it is capable of concluding the entire franchise right here and now, but it is also able to honor the late Paul Walker in a moving manner that truly puts all of his hard work and dedication in the spotlight. The words "For Paul" at the end are sure to resonate with some people hard. This one's fast and furious and does both Paul Walker and Brian O'Connor justice. 

The author's comments:

"I used to say I live my life a quarter mile at a time, and I think that's why we were brothers, because you did too. No matter where you are, whether it's a quarter mile away, or half way across the world. You'll always be with me, and you'll always be my brother." - Dominic Toretto

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