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The Mummy

April 10, 2019
By Anonymous

 The Mummy is a blockbuster that tries to create a deeply engaging movie that tries to benefit from combining modern-day people with Egyptian mythology. The movie revolves around a soldier for the United States of America, Nick Morton, and when he's not serving his country, he's trying to steal old artifacts, so he can sell them on the black market. After a slew of events, Nick and his friend go to a town where they're definitely not supposed to be, and they start to get shot at by attackers. Because they call in an air strike to save their lives, they accidentally discover an ancient tomb that houses an Egyptian princess. However, the archaeologist with them informs the soldiers that they have a need to check it out, because they are thousands of miles away from Egypt, so the fact that the tomb is here is beyond unbelievable. Because Nick Morton doesn't really know what he's doing and isn't as careful or cautious as he should be, he soon accidentally releases a mummy from the tomb that becomes alive once again in the shape of a powerful entity. The mummy soon tries its best to release its evil into the world, and only Nick can stop her and fix his mistakes.

 Although The Mummy sounds like it should be an action-packed, intense, adventurous movie that should be sure to entice audiences, it really isn't and has none of those qualities. The entire movie is way too predictable, slightly confusing, and the actual plot of the movie is dumb, because the majority of it doesn't make that much sense. Although it is fair to say that not all parts of a movie have to be completely logical, the fact that literally half of the entire plot has weird moments that make zero sense at all, since they go directly against what has happened in previous scenes, this causes watchers to begin to question how characters actually act and think in The Mummy. Secondly, as the movie begins to try to explain how things work in this movie universe, things begin to get even more complicated, and viewers begin to have even tougher times trying to follow along how exactly everything is occurring, since all it does is cause more questions to arouse and fails to provide any sufficient explanations. The conflict of the movie is unimpressive, and the defeat of the mummy is lackluster at best, which is a huge shame, seeing as the mummy is meant to be such a fierce-some villain that is deserving of being the title of the movie. 
 The Mummy also fails to generate any worthwhile characters, and even the main protagonist of the film feels slightly one-dimensional. Although Tom Cruise attempts his best to add a little flavor and punch to the role, he even isn't able to transform an awful character into an awesome one. None of the other major characters are that appealing and really don't seem to add much to the film. When all of that's added with the fact that the antagonist in the movie is beyond just a little weak, the movie doesn't really have many high points. Even though the movie tries to have its own creepy vibes to it, none of these are really made apparent, and the movie doesn't have any real spooks or scares. 
 The Mummy does have some fairly vivid visual effects, but even the visuals aren't enough to aid the movie in becoming more fascinating, since the movie decides to not take the route of being a paranormal, science-fiction thriller or being a horror flick. Instead, the movie decides to try to be the common action-blockbuster, and it doesn't even make good use of the outstanding effects, causing the otherwise superb special effects to really not be given the chance to shine. 

 Because of this, The Mummy isn't compelling in even the slightest bit, and the only reason worth watching this movie must be hidden somewhere within the mummy's tomb. Yeah, it's that bad. Even loyal Tom Cruise fans will admit that this movie is not interesting or well done at all. Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a low 15%, and even that feels generous for a movie that is uninspiring and fails to accomplish much of anything, while it tries to be an amazing, exhilarating roller coaster-like adventure. A horrible 73% of Google users liked the movie, which is actually a lot worse than it seems, because it is extremely common for even sub-par movies to have at least 80% of Google users like the movie. 

 The Mummy is a complete waste of time, a disaster, and absolutely not worth seeing. This is one to miss.  

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"What have we done?" - Egyptologist

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