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Sorry to Bother You

November 17, 2018
By Anonymous

Sorry to Bother You is a movie that takes place in an alternate Oakland, California. In this reality, there is a guy named Cassius Green, who's just trying to survive. He ends up maneuvering his way into getting a telemarketing job, and although he doesn't find initial success, after an older employee there informs hit about a little secret, Cassius soon finds immediate success.Cassius gets to move up to a nicer floor, receive a much heftier paycheck, and finds himself in a type of world that he could have never imagined. As Green begins to flourish in the telemarketing field, some of his friends who work at the same company, but at lower level jobs, begin to protest and go on strike. They start demanding that the corporation starts to give them all salaries, instead of just commission, and give them benefits, so that they can finally survive. Cassius must soon decide if he wants to stick with his friends and girlfriend or choose a morally wrong lifestyle that contains a salary larger than the number in Green's most incredible dreams. 

Sorry to Bother You is an insanely wild roller coaster that is sure to impress and surprise just about anyone and everyone. It all starts off brilliantly as a hilarious satire that manages to introduce viewers to the oddly similar alternate reality. However, as the middle of the movie transitions towards the end and resolution, the movie transforms into this indescribable science fiction/fantasy-esque movie that is sure to just leave viewers speechless, as their minds are utterly blown up in every which way possible. 

 Although parts of Sorry to Bother You might alienate some viewers, the movie does do a good job of elucidating their themes, just in a way that complicates things and turns the movie from being a telemarketing movie to something so much more. There's an intriguing amount of craziness that takes place in the movie, which goes a long way in complicating the climax, and adds scores of thrilling twists and turns to the movie, which are all used to add up to the suspense. 

 Even though part of the movie gets a little too preposterous for most and has some very odd, trippy scenes, majority of the movie is very well done and manages to challenge viewers' ideals. The visual effects of the movie are vividly pleasing, and these special effects are somewhat key on a fair amount of the scenes, because the movie doesn't heavily rely on dialogue as much as others. 

 Although critics seemed to be satisfied with Sorry to Bother You, viewers did not seem to be as pleased. An impressive 93% of Google users liked the movie, but only 78% of Google users liked the movie, which is actually incredibly low, considering that movies typically receive an 80% or higher. A possible explanation for this is that Sorry to Bother You's transformation into essentially  pure craziness is what most likely caused some non-hard core movie watches to dislike the movie. 

 Sorry to Bother You isn't for everyone and has a good amount of scenes with explicit content, making not ideal for a wide variety of people, but for those who the movie is a good fit for, those viewers should be prepared to watch one of the most original movies of 2018. 

The author's comments:

"I'm doing something I'm really good at." - Cassius Green

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