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The Well's End by Seth Fishman

February 2, 2014
By alioramus GOLD, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
alioramus GOLD, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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The Well’s End by Seth Fishman. G.P. Putnam’s Sons, February 25th, 2014. ARC received for review.

Mia Kish has always been afraid of the dark. Ever since she fell down that well as a baby, nothing has ever been the same. Years later, Mia attends a fancy school called Westbrook Academy. She loves to swim and she’s the best swimmer on the school’s team. But one day, teachers and students are found, dying, their bodies aging rapidly due to an uncontrollable virus. Mia and her friends worry that they’ll be next. In order to escape the quarantine, they have to break out of the school and run from soldiers in hazmat suits who are not afraid to shoot. Mia knows there’s only one place to go: The Cave (or Fenton Electronics). Mia’s dad is the director there and Mia thinks that the Cave is somehow linked to the disease. Although they discover something way more dangerous than the virus itself.

Full of suspense and plot twists, I have to say that The Well’s End was an awesome book. It’s not your average “teen adventure” novel that I was expecting. It was even better than that. If this is already not on your “To Read” list, it has to go up there this instant! I loved everything about it. Towards the end, there’s a plot twist that I sort of saw coming, but not really. Maybe the author can work on hiding that plot twist just a little more.

Since this was such a good book, there’s only one more thing I have to mention. I enjoyed the author’s word choice except for one word: adrenaline. Throughout the book, adrenaline is really overused. I mean, there’s a lot of parts in the book where the characters are feeling adrenaline, but I’m sure there are some other words to express that feeling.

Anyway, I absolutely loved this book because of its originality. I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves suspense and incredibly strong books. (Are you sure this is one of Seth Fishman’s first works?) 5/5 stars!

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