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The Fearless by Emma Pass

January 7, 2018
By TeaOnPluto PLATINUM, Dublin, Other
TeaOnPluto PLATINUM, Dublin, Other
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Cass’s life is about to change, when the drug produced to help soldiers in battle cope with PTSD, begins to breed dangerous, violent monsters, known as the Fearless. As these beings begin to take over the world, torturing and murdering anyone not like them, Cass is swept out of her childhood and onto the island of Hope, where her and her family could have a last chance of survival.The book takes us through Cass’s life, from when the epidemic of the Fearless first begins, to when survival on the safe haven of Hope island doesn't seem like safety anymore. As Cass starts to yearn for the world outside the island, she begins to question the people she’s trusted for so long.

This is a brilliant novel that is impossible to put down from the very beginning. I loved this book because of the strong female character, Cass, who never gave up from the beginning. As well as the great plot of the Fearless invasion, I loved the adventure and the suspense of Cass’s survival. This is a great YA book for sci-fi or post-apocalyptic novel fans.

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