The Ship of the Dead (Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard #3) by Rick Riordan

November 7, 2017
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 Magnus Chase, one of the many youths that found himself homeless in the city of Boston. With his mother killed by wolves, Magnus had no one else to turn to. Then he died. A death of a true Viking, which landed him his spot in the Hotel Valhalla, as a chosen warrior for Odin waiting for Ragnarok. There on floor nineteen, Magnus is to wait to Ragnarok, die another hero’s death, and move on with his life. In the meantime, it is basically like a forever university residence. From art classes, dinner in meal hall, and making friends with your floor mates. For Magnus, resident of floor nineteen, became friends with TJ, Mallory, Halfborn and new kid Alex. Alex, daughter (or son, depending on what they are feeling), of Loki, also has caught Magnus eye. Not wanting to make a move, after all they have eternity, until they do not.

Loki and his army (thus the ship of the dead), is sailing away ready to start Ragnarok, and it is up to Magnus to stop him. Getting sailing lessons by his cousin’s boyfriend; yes, the one and only Percy Jackson, Magnus, floor nineteen, Sam, Hearth and Blitz sail off. Like in The Heroes of Olympus, this story is slower than the other two, giving us more details of the story. Sam, who becomes close to Alex, learns how to accept Loki’s gifts, instead of rejecting them. Magnus also learns the back story of his floor mates, what made them Einherjar, and why they believe what they believe. Then there is Alex, the person he has a crush one, no matter their gender. With some life-threatening adventures, and a few close calls, Magnus is ready to battle the trickster himself, and to save the day beat Loki in a good old fashion roast off.

With this being the last book in the series, Rick Riordan did a fantastic job! From the Greek Gods, to the Egyptian, in this story Riordan graced us with the tale of the Norse gods. Odin, Frigg, Thor, Loki, Tyr, and Magnus’s father, Frey, these gods are just like the other: childish and snarky. The development of the character was nice, although a shame it is the last book. Finally, we know how floor nineteen ended up being who they are, which is a nice way Riordan tied up loose ends. Favourite character must be Sam, as she’s so strong with her religious beliefs, trying to live her double life, and let’s be honest, Amir is the best boy in the world for Sam. Then there is Alex, one of our more diverse characters. With these being children's books, it is truly great Riordan is accepting more types of characters that kids can relate to. With Hearth is being deaf, and yet such a strong character, to Sam and her Hijab which she wears with pride. Then there is Alex, who does not define by the gender rules, switching their pronouns like outfits, and whom Magnus has a total crush on: guy or gal. Brining in shout outs from other books, Riordan bring best couple, Percy and Annabeth for the first two chapters, giving you a glimpse that they are still happy and together off on the scary adventure of university. Magnus also grows as a character, as he faces head on with Loki for an insults battle, Magnus goes in winging it, and with what we learn from the last two books, bring out his healer character type more. With a sweet ending that can almost compete with the Percy Jackson’s ending, Riordan leaves you wanting more from this series, yet atlas it is done.

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A great endding for the series! 

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Okay, will someone tell me when a review mentions TJ? he's my favorite character, and I can never find anything mentioning him. But other than that, I completely love and agree with this review. Yay Rick Riordan for being a diverse and funny author

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