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March 10, 2009
By Mariam Khan BRONZE, Rockwall, Texas
Mariam Khan BRONZE, Rockwall, Texas
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A popular book, Twilight widely read by the teen population of America, mainly girls. Stephanie Meyer has become instant success over time since the release whole Twilight saga. Lately, people have compared Twilight to Harry Potter, and have said that Twilight is a new Harry Potter. In comparing these books widely read books, Twilight only stands out in one department which is a love story compared to Harry Potter concludes more than a love story but a sincere story about the boy who lived, and lost everything but saved his world from the darkness of Voldemort. Stephanie's love story about vampire and human results incompetence and struggles to maintain a large audience for many decades because as a result already people have lost interest unlike Harry Potter has captivated audiences of all ages. Twilight will never have as many fans as Harry Potter has, and will go into the timeless classics of literature but as old forgotten one hit wonder.
The fans of Twilight will steadily decline in the following years because the audience includes teenagers and young adults. Those young adults and teenagers will grow up and realize the silliness of Twilight's plot includes a vampire falling in love with a regular human being because it has no real sacrifice besides giving up a human life span for immorality. The story is na've and no longer satisfies the needs of those readers because the plot contains no realistic matters to be concern about but Harry Potter in fact addresses many issues that everyone can relate besides being a wizard. Harry Potter appeals to those kids who are orphans because Harry Potter is a symbol that they can carry on without the need of parents and still succeed through hard work and support. Harry Potter appeals more than a story but a the tragic events in fact can result in our lives because J.K. Rowling wrote in the Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets, when Dumbledore and Harry are talking when he says, 'Its our choice is what shapes us'. In everyday life, our choices affect who we become, and how we act towards people.
Twilight never shows how this book can help but entertain us with a short vivid image on how love is everlasting. In the defense for this, how did Twilight ever show the real proceedings of love not only finding your significant other but the love between parents and their child? Stephanie Meyer inserts the love as if it's insignificant because whenever there was a sentence or paragraph about her mother or her father, she felt as if she needed to describe with minimum detail possible than Edward Cullen's skin how ice cold and white it is. The true love between parent and child can describe more than minimum details in Twilight compared to Harry Potter's concrete details and moral guidelines. Each Harry Potter book had a yearning for his parents, and how his parents' friends described them, and told Harry Potter, that if his parents were here how proud they would be. Sirius is the only parental figure through out the series that really understood and helped Harry, but Sirius' love did not fully satisfy his void that could not be filled without love from his own parents. Twilight uses Bella's parents has a hassle more than figures by guiding her in the right path. Most parents would ask and be more involved in their teen's life especially when dating a guy who spends every moment with you. Parents have been more involved in a teenager's life more than hey, you wanna eat dinner? Twilight fails to comply and represent the true meaning of life because it's like a make believe world that we can only enter whenever we start reading. Harry Potter is more than a novel because it's a believable minus the wizards, and the whole magic part of the book, like whenever Harry starts to date his best friend's sister. He was really hesitate and unsure if it was wrong to make a move on his best friend's young sister because it could have destroy their friendship. Those situations do in fact happen in life. Ginny, his best friend's young sister had her brothers involved with her previous relationships before the relationship with Harry Potter. Other hand, in Twilight, the love of Edward Cullen and Bella portrayed has no say from what Bella's parents think besides that she spends way too much time but they never truly try to understand her relationship to this pale guy who manages to be there every second.
Harry Potter is going to be part of the timeless classics of a library in any home because J.K. Rowling has captured the spirit of a human and their hardships into a story woven the elaborate details of life with a mixture of immense vocabulary to intrigue their reader into wanting more to read than anything else. The hardships of each character are realistic appeal to a universal audience, because everyone on the planet of the earth has a hardship and some problems are harder than others. Those problems exist and cause chaos and mayhem, but eventually are cured by the good of the society. Even though Harry Potter is a fictional story contains many real life aspects helps make the story more enjoyable and reaches a broad audience than anything else. Harry Potter in fact, will remain a popular in the current century eventually mold into a timeless classic. Twilight on the other hand, can only be a phenomenon for now, but eventually casted away into a pile of one hit wonders from the centuries.

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exactly true!