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Top 8 (Top 8 #1) by Katie Finn

January 12, 2016
By Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Friendverse is the new and hotter Facebook. A place where you can post comments, statuses, pictures, but more importantly you’re Top 8. Unlike Facebook, Friendverse lets you pick 8 from your friend list and move them to a ranking numbers from 1 to 8. So number one is your boyfriend, two your best friend, third is your co-worker (can’t let her be mad at you especially after she takes all your Friday night shifts), and so on and so on till you deciding who’s important enough to be your eighth. Friend groups take these things seriously, as you in their mind you “de-ranked” them from your life, only to put someone higher than them.  It’s a tricky world this social game, as one false step can send you falling to the bottom.

Madison MacDoanld is less than excited to spend her spring break on a boat in the Galápagos Islands. With her new boyfriend Justin, whom she has been trying to get all year, her great group of friend, and Friendverse, the last place she wants to be is on a boat for two weeks. Yet with her family she does, and even catches the eye of a cute boy, and while exploring the islands, Madison releases that a break from the internet was what she needed. Yet as soon as their car landed in her driveway she raced upstairs to her room, booting up the computer and recharging the cellphone. What she discover was less than pleasing. Over the break someone had hacked her Friendverse profile changing her Top 8, profile settings, as well as posting mean comments, making almost everyone in her school unfriend her. Now back in action Madison convinced her friends that she was hacked now it’s time to convince her ex-boyfriend Justin (who moved on to Kittison in the time Madison was away), the couple “she” broke up, her theater friends, and the school itself. The way to do this was find her hacker, and bring him/her to justice.

Top 8 can only be described as silly. Katie Finn wrote this whole dramatic story about a girl who lost the respect of her school, and almost all her friends, because her “Facebook” got hacked. How realistic is that? Social media pages get hacked almost daily, almost everyone knows someone who got hacked, or have been hacked themselves. You post a status saying you got hacked, apologies for it, and move on. The only realistic part was when Madison met her friends for the first time after the incident, and while they were freaking out, Ruth, her main best friend said “I believe her” about the hacking. The other two truly believed that their friend Madison would post that awful stuff about them on the internet. Even though her new profile was a picture of her drunk, her status saying “is sooooooo hunggover!”, happen in the two weeks that she was on a boat, which pretty much everyone in the school knew about. Yet the things the hacker posted were true, these were things that Madison actually said to people. Where Madison is trying to get her life back together, find the hacker, get her boyfriend back, the cute boy from the boat makes a reappearance in her life, sending her life into another crazy spin.

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When Facebook controls your life. 

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