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Shantorian (Trackers #2) by Patrick Carman

July 28, 2015
By Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
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In the world of tracking, everyone leaves a trail. A digital pattern that is left behind when you go searching for something. All it takes is one computer nerd, and he/she is able to find anyone, anywhere. Pretty scary huh? These computer nerds can be anywhere from ten year olds to forty-seven year olds, the trick is just knowing the backdoor's of the internet. Which is what the trackers knew, and how they all ended up in this mess.

Shantorian is a hacker that none other has seen before. He is advance, using his skills to rob banks, break national secret, and above all stay hidden from the feds. Adam and his team thought they were chasing them in book one, where in reality they were chasing the ISD, a team of two who were looking for the brightest to help them catch Shantorian. The trackers were picked and sent off to this “summer camp” run by the ISD. Their mission was the catch Shantorian, using all they got.

Patrick Carman did a better job in this than the first book. Now that we got relationships and character development out of the way, we really got to see how the trackers and ISD work together, and the trust issues it brought up between them.  The videos, although look poor in quality, does the book justice as you get to watch their big moments live.  If you are away from a computer or internet access then you get to read what happens in a script format of what happen. Needless to say it’s way better to watch the videos. With this being the final book, the story line was not that long, or that interesting. Then again, it was written for middle school boys, so it was fast paced, short, and a simple story line to follow.

The author's comments:

A nice sequal. 

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