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Cress (The Lunar Chronicles #3) by Marissa Meyer

June 25, 2015
By Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
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 First, we had Cinderella the cyborg. She found her prince, but only too late as her as the evil queen had gotten to him first. Now with her new found friend the captain, she must sail around the world looking for a way to save her prince. Next came Little Red Riding Hood. Her missing grandmother made her trust a wolf, who led her to his den to be tortured. Having a heart, the wolf found a way to save Little Red, but was too late to help the grandmother. The two bands of outcast heroes met together and form a pack. It is up to the four of them to save the world, and get Kai away from the Lunar Queen.

Cress can see the earth from her satellite window. She can also see the moon at times, but hides when it is in view. For the last seven years of her life, Cress the lunar shell,  has been living on the satellite alone, being the hacker for the queen. For the people on earth they believe that lunar ships are invisible, where in fact it is Cress blocking any rays that are looking for ships. Yet she long for company, the company of Carswell Thorne to be exact. Cress knows all about Thorne, as she looked at his files, coming up with grand stories for each time when he done something wrong. Cress invasion Thorne to be this grand hero that would rescue her from her home. When the day comes that Carswell Thorne is there to rescue her, the events that follow are not what she expected.

The fairy tales, stories are just getting better and better as now we have Rapunzel, known as Cress joins out team. The story line is good as Marissa Meyers split our group up into three groups. The introduction of Princess Winter (originally known as Snow White) happens in this book, revealing some facts we did not know about the Lunar people. The main plot is relieving leaving a major battle to happen in the fourth book. The best part is you finally get to see what happen when Cinder and Kia come face to face, as the sparks of love and betrayal are in the air.

The author's comments:

Even a princess can be heroic. 

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