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Reckless by Cornelia Funke

May 21, 2015
By Lysander PLATINUM, Bangalore, Other
Lysander PLATINUM, Bangalore, Other
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A different world. A dangerous crisis. One powerful enemy.

Reckless is the first book in the Mirrorworld series by Cornelia Funke. Reckless combines all the elements of a beautiful story. How often have you heard the term 'fairy tales'? All that comes to your mind would be the old stories you probably read as a child right? But the Mirrorworld in Reckless will change your view about those 'old stories'. Cornelia Funke has used themes from the tales of the Grimm brothers. The Mirrorworld is a dangerous yet beautiful place with dark things lurking in the shadows and help coming from the most unexpected sources.

              All of us have something special in our lives that helps us escape harsh reality, that helps us vent our feelings out. For Jacob Reckless that special aspect is the existence of the Mirrorwworld. Its sprawling hills, forests and medieval cities help him escape the truth that looms above his life - that  his father John Reckless has disappeared. He's twelve when he discovers the magical mirror in his father's study that lets him enter Mirrorworld. Twelve years later, when Jacob's younger brother, Will follows him through the mirror, his life turns upside down. Jacob suddenly finds himself hunting for a cure to Will's transformation into a stone-skinned Goyl.

                            If I were to describe the story in just one sentence, I'd just say that its a fantastic story forged in fantasy, cooled with love and strengthened by a bond of trust. It has been praised by The Times, Books For Keeps and many other famous reviewers. The story casts a spell on its readers, showing them the depth of imagination and the charm of fantasy. Cornelia really deserves some serious applause for seamlessly fitting in complicated themes like love and loyalty into a wonderful plot. And then whats a good story without adventurous twists? Curses, strange kingdoms and magical mystery gently evolve into this surreal tale and once I finished the book, it felt like a dream. The narrative is so achingly real, it almost made me wish that there was such a parallel world on the other side of the mirror in my bedroom. A place with answers to almost everything, a place where almost anything could happen. So the door (or mirror, whatever) to this Mirrorworld can show you amazing things. I advise you step in and just lose yourself in this amazing novel. And just like the back cover of the book says : You thought you knew about fairy tales? Think again.  


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A really honest piece that reflects my thoughts about this wonderful book...............


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