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Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

March 26, 2015
By Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
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 The most romantic day for some in Valentine’s. February 14th people spend with their love ones and significant others, being glad that they day belongs to them. In elementary school you got valentine wishes from all your classmates, middle school spent wishing your crush would notice you, high school, oh that is where the big stuff happens. Everyone at Tomas Jefferson high school knows that Valentine’s Day nicknamed "Cupid Day", is the chance to show off your popularity by the amount of roses you get. That is exactly what senior Samantha Kingston is looking forward to.

At Thomas Jefferson’s high school you have your four main mean popular pretty girls: Lindsay (the ringleader), Ally and Elody and Samantha (who goes by Sam). Cupid Day is their day to flaunt their popularity by being showered in roses, and dressing in matching red and pink skimpy outfits. It is that day (like any other Friday) they spend laughing off during school, and partying during the night. It was that night that something happen. Lindsay who drives drunk (pretending that she is not) ends up crashing into a tree killing her passenger, Sam. Sam now has to come to terms with her life as she is forced to relive her finally day seven times. 

Lauren Oliver stunned us all with her début novel. This story tells us about popular Sam who spends the whole book being popular. She doesn’t come from nothing to popularity (although they alluded to that), or the other way, instead she spends her last day over and over in this popular world. Instead of spending her day trying to become unpopular, she uses her last ounce of popularity to fix the wrongs she has done. Sam know she’s not a good person, she knows she has done mean things to innocent people, and knows that deep down she is somewhat broken. The book was clear as we knew she was dead, and after the first two chapter knew that she kept repeating the day she died. Where the days are repetitive, but Lauren Oliver mixes it up by added some new twists. The ending was a heartbreak, yet in a good way that Sam finally feels less broken. I am glad this novel stands pound and alone as there is no sequel needed.

The author's comments:

A perfect novel! 

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