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Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

February 10, 2015
By Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Life sucks. Friends come and go, people hate you for no good reason, school is hell, and you honestly just want to be left alone. For some of us that works, the whole ‘Shut up, don’t care’ method, other get depression and have to go on pills. Some are just big balls of giving happiness, only to reserve grief back.  Others date their dick of a boyfriend, only to be ignored by the guy you thought like you. In the end this book is about appreciation, for yourself, your lover, and your friends.

Will Grayson (also goes by O.W.G, to the other Will) is in a rut. His motto ‘Shut up and stop caring’ has gotten him through many of life roughest moment. His best friend is Tiny. Tiny is the biggest person you will ever meet. He towers above everyone and performs magic when he sits next to Will during pre-cal in that normal size desk. Tiny also is the gayest guy you will ever meet. He struts around acting fabulous and is either falling in love or getting over a heartbreak every minute of the day. With his plenty boyfriend Will is dragged up and down on the roller-coaster of Tiny. Will believe that you cannot choose your best friend which is how he ended up being with Tiny. He is suck going on the Tiny roller-costar as Tiny is about to direct the biggest musical of his life. If that isn’t stressful enough Tiny hints like crazy at a girl who is interested in him. Will like every other guy waits tills she’s with someone else to tell her he likes her. Will is left with Tiny for a best friend, the girl he likes with a guy and overall a pretty bad situation. With the help of Other Will, can he fix it?

Will Grayson (also known as Other Will by O.W.G) hates his life. He hates himself, hates school, hates how he make his mother feel, hates having a nosey friend. His only brightness in the land of darkness known as Will is Isaac. Isaac is this guy he met on line who lives in Chicago and seems to be in love with him. They message all night talking, flirting, but mostly being there for each other. It is one evening that Will goes over to meet Isaac in this little store (turns out to be a porn shop) in Chicago to meet him in person. Yet it turns out Isaac is a girl. That girl is someone Will swore to hate for now and forever. Yet at that porn shop he meets O.W.G and Tiny. Tiny sweeps Will of his feet in the gayness of love they feel for each other. Will comes out to his mom, friends, whole school about him being gay and that he is in love with Tiny Cooper.  Tiny drags Will on the Tiny’s roller-coaster one that Will isn’t really prepared for. Once they hit the free fall Will realizes Tiny is not for him. With the musical coming up Will owes Tiny as much love and appreciating that Tiny one gave him; yet is he man enough to show it?

John Green and David Levithan co-wrote this novel each being a different Will. John Green was O.W.G, whom likes all his character as the same old nerdy, too eloquent boy who were smart, attractive and pretentious about girls. Still he was funny and I love how him and Other Will worked together. Other Will was written by David Levithan, whom you could tell there was two Wills in the story simply by his writing style: he wrote it all in lower case letters. When Will speak it looked like this
other will: hey my name is will and i hate civilization.
In the back of the book David explains why he wrote in all under-case to show that Other Will thought so down about himself he does not even deserve capitalization of letters. Yet despite the two Will Grayson’s my favourite character above all was Tiny Cooper. How can you not love him? Even in all his gayness Tiny would love anyone, and make everyone feel like there were fabulous. Even Tiny had down days, yet he works his butt off to make sure everyone was happy. If you are on the fence about reading this book, please just read this book for Tiny sake.

“I’m the review for Teenage Read and I appreciate you, Tiny Cooper.”

The author's comments:

Love, hope, fun and drama. That is what this book was all about! 

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