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The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner, #2) by James Dashner

January 27, 2015
By Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
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The human body. Divided into parts filled with bones and muscles. The brain controls everything in a subconscious way. You are in control of the way your body moves and what you put into it. Yet your reflex, breathing, and how it reacts to illness the body turns into a mind of its own. It is in the darkest of times we can push our bodies to the breaking point. Tearing at flesh, and seeing how much blood one can lose. At that point we can all be amazed at what the body can handle, and be shocked at simple things like water and tear it apart. The fitness of the survivors mean nothing to the task their bodies are in stored for.

The remaining Glades that survived the Maze has been taking to rescue. After giving fresh clothing, food, warm showers, it is off to their dorm room for the night. All of them, except Teresa. Being the only girl they put her in the dorm across the room from the boys. During the night a cry was heard from the windows. The people infected with the flare called Cranks were banding on the windows begging the boys to kill them. To get away the boys broke out of the dorms only to walk in a new nightmare. Bodies of their rescuers were handing from the ceiling dead. Even worst Teresa was taken by WICKED. Left was a boy named Aris, whom claimed he was in a Maze as well, just instead of all boys and one girl, it was all girls and him. Aris called himself Group B, as they were all Group A. WICKED cleaned up the bodies and left the boys starve for three days waiting for the second half to begin. Their instructions were clear: tomorrow they will leave the room and get into clean air. There they will have two weeks to travel ten miles north to the safe haven. They have all been injected with the Flare and will die unless they make in and get the cure. There will be things they have to survive, as only the best of the best can survive.

James Dashner did a better job with this than the first book. Maybe it was because in the first book he had such a plot line to develop he did not even realize how unemotional his characters (especial Thomas) was. In this I feel he made them more emotional and more caring words each other. At times they were still cold, and blank to what’s going on around them; yet that is to be expected after all that happen to them. Also the rift between Thomas and Teresa was at an interesting point, especially after Thomas was given all these memories about each other when they were younger that Teresa had no idea about. The Scorch Trials I expected to be the flop and in a way it was. I liked it because of the emotion Thomas is finally showing, as they gave us a lot of information about the flare and WICKED. The plot was unnecessary and just made the whole think more confusing and messy. The movie hits the big screens in 2015 with Dylan O'Brien still playing as Thomas. As the trilogy continues we get to see if WICKED is good like Teresa believes, and if they will really let Thomas walk away?

The author's comments:

A great sequal to an amazing series.

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