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Dry: A Memoir by Augusten Burroughs

December 12, 2014
By Jeffrey Thibault BRONZE, North Oxford, Massachusetts
Jeffrey Thibault BRONZE, North Oxford, Massachusetts
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Have you ever wanted a clear window into the life an addict? Dry by Augusten Burroughs is just that. In Dry, Burroughs writes about his witty and funny yet serious and sad adventure along the road to sobriety. Present through Burroughs' thoughts and experiences, this road are ones that can be extremely long and grueling. However, he ironically lightens the mood by sprinkling some clever and offensive dark humor that everyone can chuckle at.
In Dry, Augusten Burroughs describes certain parts of his life and those parts are generally pertaining to his struggle with alcoholism. The book is really about his travel on this long road. Dry tells of Burroughs' personal struggle with his drinking and even dips into his slightly demented childhood, filled with horrors that are shocking even to someone who has seen a lot.
Overall, I loved this book. The reason why is because you do not have to be gay, an addict, or anything close to that. Mostly everyone should be able to relate to some aspect of this book and sympathize and learn from Burroughs. After reading through every twist and turn Augusten Burrough's life could throw at me, I can assure that his book is well worth the read. Burroughs' writing in itself makes this book absolutely fantastic.
Through all the shallowness, pain, and excitement, Burrough's proved his worth as an author and a person after his transformation. He is one of few great modern authors that can and has made and enormous impact in many. This is one fantastic book that everyone can relate too in one way or another.

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