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Hades (Halo, #2) by Alexandra Adornetto

September 2, 2014
By Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Love was in the air as Bethany and Xavier relationship grew. Bethany knew Xavier was the one, even more so after he helped save her from the demon Jake Thorn. Now as its October of their grade twelve year, and they have the whole future to think about. Which university’s to go to? What classes they are going to take? And most important to Molly: What to wear for Halloween? Bethany never celebrated Halloween and because of her group of “friends” I do not think she ever will again.

Halloween, a time for little kids to go trick-or-treating and stay up late at night. For teenagers it’s a perfect time to put on a sexy outfit and go partying. For Bethany “sexy” did not fit, so she chose to dress as an angel, compete with a set of dollar store wings. The party was held in an old abandon house in the middle of nowhere. Yet Bethany’s new friends had made it clear that Bethany and Xavier spend way too much time together. Yet when Xavier leaves to go hang with his friends, Bethany is forced into playing all the spooky games the girls want to play. Including having a séance. Now the other girls do not know this, but Bethany things summoning sprits for “fun” is a complete bad idea, especially since it does work. Yet unable to stop the girls Bethany is forced to go with them. Yet instead of summoning a simple spirit, they summon a demon whom one goal in life is to drag Bethany back to hell with him. 

Now an angle in hell is not doing well. Even though she is untouchable, might even be called royalty, nothing can stop Big Daddy from getting to her. Even though she’s in hell, Bethany sticks to her rightful, caring nature that almost gets her killed. Yet to save someone she loves, she must sacrifice something to me seems unimportant, but to Bethany it is everything. Meanwhile her siblings, Xavier and an unexpected guest are trying their hardest to get to her and release her from her hellish prison. All Bethany can do is pray, and hope they can save her in time.

Alexandra Adornetto did a better job on this one than the first. In this book she developed Bethany into a strong, powerful angle, instead of the whinny pathetic angle she was in the first. Xavier develops too, as a strong and overtly loving boyfriend he was. What he does at the end is a complete shock, totally out of character for him. She even made the stone angles of Gabriel and Ivy have some human emotions in them, as they are determined to bring back their sister. Although I did not agree this book truly deserved a sequel, I’m glad it did. If you hated the first one I would tell you not to read this one, but if you did not mind the first one then please continue on reading. All we can hope is good wishes to Xavier and Bethany as they take the next step in their complicated relationship.

The author's comments:

It was better than the first! 

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