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I am Rembrandt's Daughter By: Lynn Cullen

November 17, 2008
By Anonymous

Set in the 1600’s in London, England I am Rembrandt's Daughter tells of a 14 year old girl who is the daughter of the not so famous painter Rembrandt. Cornelia, the daughter of Rembrandt, struggles in this book to see her father as not so much as an embarrassment; she also struggles to find love. Rembrandt son, Titus, was getting married and instead of asking his father to do a painting of him and Magdalena he ask someone else and at the wedding Rembrandt saw the painting.
The painting of Magdalena and Titus was done by a different painter not by Vader. I moved toward the painting slowly hoping that Vader wouldn’t see. When I looked to my Vader and saw his face. Please oh please don’t be an embarrassment. I thought to myself.
Rembrandts paintings started to become more and more worse, and the worse his paints started to be the more the money started to wither away. When Titus married Magdalena Cornelia thought they were home free, because Magdalena was from a rich family. But she was wrong Titus wouldn’t give them any money, so she turned to try to convince her father to sell some of his better paintings. He refused, but instead of listening she went to sell them to a rich family across town. In this family there is a young man who Cornelia falls in love with little does she know that she can’t marry him.
The main theme of this book would be love. The way the author pulled the book together was by flashbacks of Cornelia’s life.
This novel is very grasping if you’re into the historical fiction books and romance. This book has surprises popping out of it every chapter. This book can be compared to other books with flashbacks.
This book would be great for people who like romance and historical fiction the age group would be kids 10 .

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