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The Second Summer of the Sisterhood (Sisterhood #2) by Ann Brashares

March 20, 2014
By Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Ever believe in magic? Not the ‘I will grant you three wishes’ kind, but the truly special kind. A book that always tells you new things each time you read it. A plant that never stops growing. Or a pair of blue jeans that fit all your different size friends? This magical pants are founded by four best friends; Tibby, Bridget, Carmen and Lena. They found them last summer. With the dramas of the summer behind them as a group decided to lock the pants away till the next summer. That is where the book takes place: the second summer.

Unlike last summer they were all going to stay home (except Tibby). Tibby got accepted at a film camp at Williamston College that will take up the whole summer. There Tibby meets Alex, a cool guy she tries to impress. This leads her to trouble as she tries to act cool yet hold on to her friend Brian, and to remember and to forget her old friend Bailey. This leaves Carmen, Lena and Bridget the summer to be free. Yet as we all know Bridget does not like to plan. Bridget changed a lot from last summer. She’s fatter, slower, and most surprising of all she quite soccer. Yet when she discovers letters written to her and her brother by her maternal grandmother, Greta Randolph, she is determined to find out who this woman is. Taking the first train ticket out, Bridget finds herself spending pretty much all of this book in Alabama trying to figure out who Greta, her mother and herself truly are. This leaves behind Carmen who sunken to a new level as she tries to keep her family together by scaring off the new guy David. Lena is in the wake of a heartbreak as her lover Kostos appears in Washington DC (Lena’s home town) after she broke it off to him in January through a letter. If Lena heart is not hurting enough a death of a love one is thrown in on top. The girls go through a harsh summer, yet they handled it and grow closer together.

Ann Brashares once again gives us an amazing beautiful book. Filled with laughs, tears, heart breaks, and love I could not ask for a better summer read. Turned into a movie in 2008, it even has the same actresses as the first. Some parts of it got a little boring, yet able to matins its standers in whole. This book gives you a deeper inside look of Lena’s broken love, Tibby’s hear break for Bailey, Carmen’s anger, and Bridget mysterious of her mother. A truly magical book, one for all your friends.

The author's comments:
A decent second book!

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