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Polly Wants to be a Writer by Laura Michelle Thomas

March 20, 2014
By SapphiraWinter BRONZE, Metro Manila, Other
SapphiraWinter BRONZE, Metro Manila, Other
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This book wasn’t available in my country and had to be specially ordered, but I went out of my way into getting it. I knew that this book would be amazing for writers like me so it my mind, I kept saying to myself, “Be patient. It’s worth the wait, for sure!”
When I finally did get it, I cracked open the first page and started reading right away.
Throughout the whole story, Polly intrigued me. Polly was a hard-headed and lazy writer. But somehow, I felt very connected to her and that I understood all she was going through as a young writer. She always having writer’s block, always procrastinated instead of actually writing and spent more time arguing with her dragon than she did actually writing. At some point, I realized that the reason I was so interested in Polly, it’s because I saw myself in her.
I also had that stubborn and self-doubting mind of a writer. And I’m sure a bunch of my fellow writers agrees with me.
The story revolved around this idea: how can new and young writers start writing when we are always discouraging ourselves and always avoided actually writing because we think we can’t make it? This is actually a reality for all writers. And I was very impressed by how it was brilliantly brought into the story.
In a fast-paced, adventurous but fun story, I was encouraged to keep writing and learned how to start out properly as a writer. And this happened through numerous amazing, and well-thought out characters such as Ms Whitford, who reminded so much of the author because of her determination to help young writers. Another character was Scrum. I always found him adorable because of his silly antics but he made me understand that writers’ dragons aren’t there to bully you, but to help you. And he made me love my own dragon too.
I can’t bear to spoil anything in the book but let’s just say that with everything will keep you on the edge of your seat. With Polly’s story, I started reading as a weak-willed writer, and finished completely renewed as a determined writer, knowing that the world needs my stories.
After reading it, I was so fired up to write that I was able to finish my own first draft, or should I say, my lump of clay!
I recommend this read to everyone who wants to be a writer and is finding it impossible to do so. Maybe your dragons are getting out of hand? Well, this book will definitely give you a lot of pointers to help you train them.

The author's comments:
The story really touched me as a writer having a hard time to make it or even get properly started. I hope anyone who'll come across this book will consider giving it a read and be encouraged to write as well.

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