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Ready or Not by Meg Cabot

January 21, 2014
By Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Hate. That’s the only word I can describe this book in. This book should be the modal for bad sequels everywhere. The plot takes place around a year after the first book. Almost seventeen year old Sam and her boyfriend David, the first son. You once again get to see Sam screw up, freak out, and whine of how much she hates her life. Yet there is one new aspect the book features around. Sex. That’s right ladies and gents Sam spends Thanksgiving at Camp David with the president and his family. This is where Sam think she is about to lose her virginity, to her true love David.

From the first book Sam does not change at all. She’s older now, with a part time job and being the teen ambassador. Yet she is still the artistic rebel child. And as an artist she gets to go to the ‘adult-only’ life drawing class. Sadly though she does not know what that really means.
Her family is more or less the same. Up until the big changes in the end her parents are mostly absent and have no idea what’s going on it Sam’s life. Her sister Lucy boyfriend Jack is away at collage, making Lucy opens up to Sam more. You soon realize that even though they are completely different, Sam and Lucy share a close relationship with each other.

Unlike the last book this one screams high school. So you grade 6-8 out there, do not read this. For this grade 9, 10 and maybe 11, would be best. I’m in grade 10 and at some part I was still cringing.

Meg Cabot I do not know what you were going for in this, but please do not do it again. For the best do not read this, it would be best to lover the first and not ruin your image of Sam. For most of this book I was scream “Sam! Stop being so stupid!” The way it works was that you knew from the beginning that Sam was going way too far with it. The whole book was centered on one word that David said to Sam. Parcheesi.

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