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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

September 12, 2013
By autumnforce5 BRONZE, South Charleston, West Virginia
autumnforce5 BRONZE, South Charleston, West Virginia
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The Hunger Games is by Suzanne Collins and is a fiction book. It starts of nice and dramatic and keeps it like that throughout the whole book. It starts of in district twelve when Katniss Everdeen wakes up from her sleep and eminently the journey begins. Katniss is a bold, brave girl who eventually volunteers for her sister Prim who is only 12 in the dreaded games. For the boy volunteer Peeta Mellark who Katniss has encountered before when she was partially dieing of starvation when he gave her some burnt bread is picked.

There trainer for the games Haymitch and Effie are what I think are poor trainers at first, especially Haymitch because he first met Peeta and Katniss when he was drunk. Katniss and Peeta learn a throughout the games that the chances of them winning are slim to none. Since nobody has won the games in district twelve in years. Katniss meets a lot of new people a long the way but the person she liked the best was Rue. Rue is a little girl who is her sisters age that nobody volunteered for.

Katniss also gets caught in a love triangle. She gets caught in a love triangle with Peeta and Gale. Gale is someone Katniss met in the woods when she was hunting and they instantly became friends. when he asked her name she said Katniss and he started to call her catnip. Katniss eventually started to get use to him and they became instant friends.

There journey throughout the games is rough and Katniss has to make some tough decisions. This is my favorite book and I would encourage anybody to read this book. If you like thrillers that keep you on the edge of you seat I would defiantly read this book.

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