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Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

February 25, 2013
By Austin212 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
Austin212 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Written by: Laura Hillenbrand

The book Unbroken is hands down one of the best books you will ever read in your life time. Well, thats how I feel about this book and when I say just a little bit of the story you will want to find out more for sure. The book is about a boy named Louie Zamperini who as a young boy lived in California in the year of 1919. When he got older he found out his real talent was running and he became and a Olympic runner. Then World War Two broke out and he had to go fight in the war, but not on the ground; he would be in a bomber over the Pacific Ocean. When they were over the Pacific something terible happened and it becomes a matter of survival for Louie and his bombing squad.
What I love about this book is that Laura Hillenbrand gives so much description about what is happening: when Louie is on a life raft she tells about how his skin turned yellow because the raft was yellow and the rubber stained his skin a bright yellow. Another example of good description is when Louie is 2 years old and he runs out the door of his apartment and runs down the street in New York, and Laura Hillenbrand tells how his skin was so dark compared to the white snow and she also says the police had a mad dash to get him back. That was actually one of the funny parts of the book and there isn’t a lot of those moments in this book; it is more of a sad book.
This book is a historical non-fiction book because this is a true story, Louie Zamperini is still alive today; he is 95 years old.this book has a theme of never giving up no mater what just keep going and if you read the book you will find out why that is the theme.
Overall I would read this book again for sure I dont know why I wouldn’t. Also this book is not for kids 11 and under it has content that is not good for a young audience. This book is put higher than a teen level of reading but I managed to be able to read it and it is amazing what happens in the book and how that it is all a true story this you can find out what happens in the book Unbroken. This is why you should read the book “ Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand.

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