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The Green Glass Sea by Ellen Klager

January 1, 2013
By Birdsong PLATINUM, Vancouver, Other
Birdsong PLATINUM, Vancouver, Other
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In general, I can’t get through historical fiction books. I say ‘in general’ because there is one exception: this book.

The Green Glass Sea is a book about two 11-year-old girls, set in the time of World War II. There’s Dewey, smart, weird and dorky, who loves taking things apart and building things. And then there is Suze Gordon, who loves art and tries to be popular. Dewey and Suze are totally different. But when Dewey's dad has to go abroad to work on the 'gadget', Suze's mom offers to let Dewey stay with them. At first, Suze hates Dewey and calls her 'screwy Dewey'. But after President Roosevelt dies, they start becoming friends. They find that they share the strangest of interests. But then something very tragic happens and their new friendship is tested.

This is an amazing story about friendship, the war, and family. I loved how the author described Dewey, Suze, and Suze's mom; they were so realistic. This book gives you the same kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings as Meg Tilly and Gayle Friesen’s books, with the same subtle perceptiveness about the details of our world as John Green. Ellen Klager deals with emotions so well. The ending also ranks as one of my favourites, especially since it kind of drives home the message that beautiful things can come from ugly ones, which is a central theme in the book. The book had everything in it: some funny parts and some utterly heartbreaking parts. The whole friendship aspect of this book is so sweet- after I finished it, I had a sudden urge to give all my best friends a big, big hug.

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